Got Stains?


Here are a few ways you can help us to apply the correct procedure to ensure that we do our very best to remove even the toughest of stains from your favorite garments.


WHERE is the stain?

WHAT is the stain?

How OLD is the stain?

What steps have you taken

to REMOVE the stain?



Tips for your Dry Cleaning Clothes


• Read all care label instructions before making a purchase.


• Dry clean all matching garments together. For example, suits, outfits, drapes and comforter sets should all be done as a set to prevent fading in one object of the set.


• Point out your stains so that your dry cleaner can treat the stain prior to dry cleaning.


• The sooner a garment is brought in the higher the chances of stain removal.


• Protect colored garments and whites from exposure to sun, light and heat.


• Sunlight can change color and loss occurs. Don't repress soiled garments - heat sets any stains you may have.


• Don't leave dry cleaning garments in your car, soiled or not.


• It's best to store garments in fabric garment bags.


• Rotate draperies to vary light exposure from the sun.


• Allow perfumes, deodorant, lotion and hair spray to dry before you dress. Some dyes bleed and change color when exposed to a solution with alcohol.


• Many stains from food and beverages become invisible when dry but with exposure to heat and time, a yellowish-brownish stain may appear.

Home Stain Removal Tips


• Never rub a stain. BLOT the area or flush it out with water. Rubbing damages fabric and color.


• Air dry stained clothes to determine if the stain was successfully removed. The heat from the dryer will set any stain that remained.

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